Wellington Regional Growth Framework objectives and challenges

Our challenges

Our challenges for accommodating new regional growth.

Challenge 1

Sufficient and affordable housing and investment in infrastructure

The region lacks sufficient and affordable housing supply and choice, housing affordability is declining and a significant investment in infrastructure is needed to enable enough housing and quality urban environments.

Challenge 3

Inequitable access to social, educational and economic opportunities

There is inequitable access to social, educational and economic opportunities across the region.

Our objectives

The objectives sought from the Framework have been developed jointly by the project partners and reflect the particular needs for change in the region.

Project objectives

Increase housing supply, and improve housing affordability and choice

Enable growth that protects and enhances the quality of the natural environment and accounts for a transition to a low/no carbon future

Improve multi-modal access to and between housing, employment, education and services

Encourage sustainable, resilient and affordable settlement patterns/urban form that make efficient use of existing infrastructure and resources

Build climate change resilience and avoid increasing the impacts and risks from natural hazards

Create employment opportunities.



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